Crater Podcast Ep #91 - The Abhi Edition

We just put up episode #91 in the podcast feed. It is also up on Youtube for those that are interested in watching it instead.

Would love to hear thoughts on the special guest co-host @abhiaiyer and how you think he did :smiley:


Updated the link due to a bug in the podcast app.

Thoroughly enjoyed it as ever. @abhiaiyer was excellent, thought I heard a tinge of sadness in your voice when you said that @benstr was busy with Transmission though… :smiley:

It genuinely makes me happy when I hear “this episode is for…”

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Thanks, I enjoyed working with @abhiaiyer on that show too, he did a great job. I am a little sad that Benny-poo is getting so busy, but I am also glad that MDG is talking more and @benstr is leading that charge.

I am actually busy this Friday so it looks like @benstr and @abhiaiyer will likely do the Crater Podcast this week!


The “No Josh Edition”

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Man, @benstr & @abhiaiyer killed it while I was busy teaching my Mastering Meteor course (updated for 1.3 and react) this week!

You can see the youtube version here or listen to the audio here.