Crazy MediaCenter project for personal use


Hello All,

I am new to meteor, been playing around with it for last few months, I was curious, if it is possible to build a MediaCenter like app, with meteor something like XBMC. if yes can anyone help me out with a general idea on the architecture for such project.

My goal is to create a local portal, which runs on a low end pc ( Raspberry pi / cheap old desktop ), and serves media and also plays it locally.



I don’t know, whether Meteor.js is best suited for such project; For easy handling of media I’d recommend using UPnP protocol, there are some libraries for many programming languages implementing the protocol (just be aware, that there are some pretty bad implementations out there as well). I am not aware of any javascript implementation of UPnP, as I can’t even imagine well SSDP discovery via javascript(which uses multicasts)… all in all, I really don’t believe meteor.js is a good technology for this kind of project.


Hi, i’m just researching with something related . Here are my two cents :

You can start using raw-sockets vía crosswalk ( If you are planning to do a mobile app ) .

The spec ( With an example , SSDP - based on uPNP ):

the SSDP RFC draft :

If you want to play with it , take into account that for accessing raw sockets from the console ( with chrome://inspect ) , they are exposed as :


The “TCP and UDP Socket API” spec says that permissions will be asked , but if you have declared the following ( in your AndroidManifest.xml ) :

uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE”

You are good to go,

Hope it helps ,