Create a dashboard app out of excel files

Hi every one.I have a customer who wants me to build a webapp that will help him manage his customers.The thing is all his data are stored in excel tables and as i have never written something to deal with this kind of problem im a lil bit lost…Here is my mental plan for this app…know that i could be wrong and i am counting on you guys to guide me pls :

-import the excel files in a Mongo collection
-use the newly inserted lines in the collection to get all the meteor features out of the box
-once the different operations are done,export parts or all the collection into a new excel file

that is basically it.If you know a way for me to do it right please show me…Thanks a lot

I actually have built a web app that is very similar to what you are trying to build.

I use Papa Parse to parse the Excel file data (without actually physically uploading the file), then transfer the data to a MongoDB collection. I believe that each line of the Excel sheet becomes an object with the colums being the keys to the object like {column1: "value", column2: "value", column3: "value"};

Then I manipulate the data however I want to afterwards in a reactive way using mostly Session variables. This manipulated data can be inserted into tables and downloaded by the customer via Excel or CSV.

It’s actually surprisingly fast on Meteor.

thank you sprolee…ill look into that…so you are basically telling me that with Papa Parse i can achieve my goal without having to upload the excel file…Wow ill try to build a demo over the weekend and present it to my client…thanks

Alternative easy way to get the data in is to export to csv and use a tool like 3TMongo Chef. Much more robust if you have very large datasets.

Plenty of npm csv packages for getting it out.

Good example for PapaParse here:

Hey pal thanks for saving me again on that one …you are incredible.ill use both your advices (converting to csv before using /using papa parse).But definitely as the client is a big insurance firm in my country i am mostly sure they have large datasets…

Your welcome

  • sprolee’s way if import is a recurring job

  • 3t/similar if import is a one off

best of luck

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