Create a reactive config var for server and client


I would like to make a settings variable e.g. to store the host to be available on both the server and client, how can I do that the best way?

  • export a collection, then I always have to code QRSConfig.findOne();
  • or just do export const senseConfig = QRSConfig.findOne();


–> somehow I get undefined errors on the client if I want to read the exported constant

export const QRSConfig = new Mongo.Collection('QRSConfig');

var _senseConfig = {
        "host": '2008ENT', //window.location.hostname, on client side

if (Meteor.isServer) {

export const senseConfig = QRSConfig.findOne();

A few questions:

  • Can you show us how you’re trying to read the exported constant?
  • Can you paste in the exact error?
  • Assuming you aren’t using autopublish, are you subscribing to the QRSConfig data somewhere on your client side?

Thank you for helping out… I am learning meteor off course, so I am making my code each day more flexible :slight_smile:

The issue now is tons off errors. I know this is because of the async stuff… But how do you guys handle this? my urls are not generated now…

var config = QRSConfig.findOne();

    appSettings: function() {
        console.log('client generation helper: get app table, the config used to generate the URLs to Sense: '+config);
        return {
        fields: [
                { key: 'name', label: 'App' }, {
                    key: 'id',
                    label: 'Guid',
                    fn: function(value) {
                        return new Spacebars.SafeString('<a href=http://' + + '/' + config.virtualProxyClientUsage + '/sense/app/' + value + ' target="_blank">' + value + '</a>');

No, I still have an issue: the host is undefined now… (so the helper is too fast I gues…)

The QRSConfig loaded on the client looks like this (with msavin:mongol)

PS: I use autopublish, it is just a demo app for my company.

All about settings variables

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yeah you are right… I had that one on my todo list… so I should give it priority. Thank you very much… I used the wrong technique…

On the other hand. I use autoform and an if statement in the template so consultants can easily setup the environment if something goes wrong.

So I prefer to put it in a database and use the form if possible?

I also wonder why my helper does not render the url eventually… A collection is reactive so…