Create an maintenance user table list


 I am working in a ticket system on meteor. However due different security reasons, I have to create a "Maintenance User page"  where I can see the list of users with <**_fields: Username, email.address,,profile.activated,roles_**>

And where I can have two buttons under the table: add or Edit.

In add button I can add a user with all fields mentioned before on Meteor.users.

In Edit button I have to be able to change the every field of an specific user (Profile.activated {yes/no} and roles{admin/client} should be drop down list) with that I can edit or put as inactive an user on my web application.

I have tried several packages, methods, solutions, etc… with no results.

I am getting a little frustrated because I know that this could be something easy however I am not getting a result.

So that’s why I am requesting your help,

My apologies by disturb, I have learned and started coding on meteor in just a couple of days :confused:

I am not a person that is requesting everything at a hand, I just need your help in order get a little light in the dark :relaxed:

Thanks in advance for all your help and time on this matter.

Best regards.

Sounds like you’re building a user admin - @themeteorchef has a great post about this here.

Also, datatables has inline editing. This may be overkill for what you are trying to do, but there are a few good packages (aldeed:meteor-tabular, ephemer:meteor-reactive-datatables, etc), although you would still have to get the editor extension going yourself…

Thank you for your help, I saw the post before but it’s different for I was looking for, because so far what I can get are just the roles part and it would also need a lot of customization to make it right. But thanks for your help, I really appreciate your help and time on this matter. Have a great day.


First I have to say that the data tables link it’s great!!!, also if I join the editor part. I was looking for something like this.

However, I am seeing that there is no a tutorial, example or something where I can see the implementation on meteor because the server part on meteor for what they are expecting to use is different, do you have any resource that could help to learn the usage and implementation of this on meteor?.

Also the packages are fabulous, straight to the point.

Thank you so much for all your help and time, I will be waiting for your reply,

Have a great day,

Best Regards.

I’m not sure about tutorials, but here is a quick explanation:

Let’s use the example from aldeed:meteor-tabular. It assumes you have a Books collection. The following block goes in your shared client/server code, so probably in /lib.

TabularTables = {};

TabularTables.Books = new Tabular.Table({
  name: "Books",
  collection: Books,
  columns: [
    {data: "title", title: "Title"},
    {data: "author", title: "Author"},
    {data: "copies", title: "Copies Available"},

This code makes the connection to the server-side collection. In order to put that table into a template, you can use the following code:

{{> tabular table=TabularTables.Books class="table table-striped table-bordered table-condensed"}}

You don’t need all of those options – they are native datatables classes that give you some control over the presentation.

Let me know if this helps!

Thank you so much for all your help and information on this matter. It helps a lot!

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