Create custom Autorization using service name


Hi everyone,

I know this question is asked many times but I am currently facing this problem while creating custom authentication

Accounts.registerLoginHandler(function(options) {
	if (!options.accessToken) {
		return undefined; // don't handle

	check(options, Match.ObjectIncluding({
		serviceName: String,

	const service = AccessTokenServices[options.serviceName];

	// Skip everything if there's no service set by the oauth middleware
	if (!service) {
		throw new Error(`Unexpected AccessToken service ${ options.serviceName }`);

	// Make sure we're configured
	if (!ServiceConfiguration.configurations.findOne({ service: service.serviceName })) {
		throw new ServiceConfiguration.ConfigError();

	if (!_.contains(Accounts.oauth.serviceNames(), service.serviceName)) {
		// serviceName was not found in the registered services list.
		// This could happen because the service never registered itself or
		// unregisterService was called on it.
		return {
			type: 'oauth',
			error: new Meteor.Error(
				`No registered oauth service found for: ${ service.serviceName }`

	const oauthResult = service.handleAccessTokenRequest(options);
	const updated =  Accounts.updateOrCreateUserFromExternalService(service.serviceName, oauthResult.serviceData, oauthResult.options);
// updated is returning undefined

Now the problem is even though Accounts.oauth.serviceNames() has my custom service name, when I try to login using curl command it returns

  "status": "error",
  "error": 400,
  "message": "Unrecognized options for login request"

Servies like github are working fine but custom defined are not working. Please help