Create invite app where I can add people to projects


HI, there are any packages or tips into how to setup an invite system within my app? I have my app where admins can create projects but need to provide them with the ability to add an email and invite people to the project.



Have you had a look through Atmosphere yet? I had a quick look and didn’t find anything but after an equally quick Google search I found a tutorial (Adding a Beta Invitation System to Your Meteor Application) and also a StackOverflow answer (How to make sign-up invitation only?) that should be useful to you.


Were you able to implement an invite system? If so, what did you end up using?

I’m going to test out vazco:universe-any-join



Anyone had any success on this?
I am trying to do this in an app that i am doing right now. But my use-case is a bit different.

I want to to be able to try to send bulk invites or multiple invite email to users.
Is there anyone of you who has some experience on this, I just like to get some advice and opinion on this.

Btw the initial option that i am considering is I will try to build a service that will pickup all the invites created by the client
every x number of seconds / minutes and then the service will scan these records and send it one by one.
But this will take some effort to build and might be an overkill.


Theres a good discussion going on here about sending lots of email