Create pdf on server side in meteor


Is there any way to generate the pdf on the server side? Actually, I want to generate the multiple pdf invoice report on the server side?

Want to clarify some points about the functionality -

  • I’ve one method called ‘abc’,
  • When calling the method it should generate multiple pdf on the server side.
  • It would be great If Pdf generate from the existing HTML template.

I want to generate pdf on the server side because after the above implementation, need to send the separate email with the pdf attachment. So suppose, If 4 pdf generates then 4 email will be sent to the site owner and we can’t send mail from the client side, that’s why I’m generating pdf on the server side.

I really appreciate If someone have great idea to implement this.


You could use or is nice approach if you have a lot of PDFs.


Yes, in this thread you can see my method code for generating pdf files on the server using phantom and webshot 504 gateway timeout using webshot on meteor.js server on digital ocean ubuntu 16.04

The packages i used was webshot with phantom installed as npm package.

maybe that can shade some light on your request for server side render pdf and server side save pdf based on html templates using your css