Create Sourcemaps on build-time to upload to errortracker



We are using sentry ( as an error tracker. to have more helpful error messages there is a possibility to upload sourcemaps for js/coffe whatever.

Is there any way to generate these sourcemaps when doing a
meteor build --directory $BUILD_URL --architecture $ARCHITECTURE

ideally they would also work in the browser, but having a tarball for uploading to sentry is necessary.

Rollbar and source maps

I’d like to vote for this. I have an app deployed on Galaxy which logs errors to Sentry. Having to work with stack traces that start like this is incredibly challenging.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'context' of null
  at E.updateComponent(/87aceaaf8ed8f712cffa18f26ec7f7ce90aa8910.js:25:18522)
  at E.receiveComponent(/87aceaaf8ed8f712cffa18f26ec7f7ce90aa8910.js:25:18112)
  at Object.i.receiveComponent(/87aceaaf8ed8f712cffa18f26ec7f7ce90aa8910.js:23:28702)


If it’s an error that you know how to recreate, you may be able to get some additional debugging information by deploying with the --debug flag. From the docs for meteor deploy:

You can deploy in debug mode by passing --debug. This will leave your source code readable by your favorite in-browser debugger, just like it is in local development mode.

Though no doubt your app’s performance will be affected.


We’re using which also support source maps.
The only source maps I found in the .meteor dir is of the development env.
How would I generate source maps in the meteor deploy process ?


As we want error tracking for our production version this is no option…


This would be very very useful. There’s an open issue in github now for over a year.