Create user after filling wizard form in Meteor.js


I’m developing a form based app and would love to reduce the clutter. I’m taking the users email and mobile number along with a bunch of other particulars. What I want to implement is a wizard like form and on pressing submit an account is created with the form as an associated db. (it form has loan application details belonging to the user )

I plan on using the mobile number as the users password and the email as the username. How can this be implemented in Meteor. Do I need to implement my own user package or can this be created using or modifying existing packages.

Note : I’m trying to avoid adding an entire loan application with many many fields as a part of user model. I’d prefer a different forms db associated with the user (as blogs belong to author). I just don’t want a sign up process putting people off before they even begin filling the form.

PS: A general walkthrough would be appreciated.


Knock Knock Anyone out there :sweat_smile:


Sure, there’s nothing stopping you from doing:

Accounts.createUser({username: "", password: "0123456789"});

Meteor.loginWithPassword({username: "", password: "0123456789"});

or better yet, stick with using the email field only and then displaying their email as username in the UI


@henryc just brought this package to my attention, which may be an alternative to “rolling your own”.