Create user specific db items without user registration


Hello together,

I am new in webdevelopment and also in meteor.js. I want to write a web application where every user will be create own sketches (ala raphael.js) and download this. My question is, how can I store user specific data without registration of the user and delete this data after leaving the page. Thank you for the answers.



artwells:accounts-guest might suit your needs. Each user gets a unique id even if they don’t register.

You can also remove old guest accounts like so:

/* clean out all guest accounts more than 2 hours old */
var before = new Date();
before.setHours(before.getHours() - 2);

You might be able to combine it with mizzao:user-status to detect and manage online/offline users.


Store everything in client-side local collections.


Thank you,

@ahref: It’s a good proposal, I will try it out.

@jasoncchild: what is about NPM packages, which are only available on server side. Can I combine a client side local collections with server side packages?


browserify may be what you are looking for then, insofar as require() in the browser :smile:

EDIT: so you’d build the browserify bundle and include it in your client/lib or client/compatibility folders (to get that bad mammajama loaded up)


ok, but is this the meteor like way to do something like this?


No, the meteor way is to use packages and not use require();

As you want to sync and track guest users you’ll have to use a server side collection as well. Accounts guest is your best option.


Ok thank you i will try it out


Dear all,

in last few month my site works perfektly with with packages “artwells:accounts-guest” and “mizzao:user-status”. But now I create an additional start page with explanation images of my web application and a start button. If the user clicks the start button, then he will start using my web application. It mean if the user press the start button, meteor has to create a new anonumous user, but in the moment meteor creates a anonumous user if the user comes to the start page. My question is, it is possible to control the creation of the new anonumous user with an event or something like this?