createContainer vs react-komposer

I’m looking to make my React-based apps a little more organized by separating my components into a data container and a purely presentational component. I’ve looked at some options and have read Sacha’s article on the same topic.

I understand that createContainer is the 1.3 replacement for the ReactMeteorData mixin and it seems very simple compared to react-komposer.

My question is, what does react-komposer do that the createContainer method cannot do?

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react-komposer can compose many input data stream other than tracker for e.g. redux and anything else you want by extending it. There are built in support for many input data source and is easily extensible. createContainer on the other hand only composes tracker I believe.

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I was wondering the same thing. I’ve been looking into the Meteor Chef - base starting point for a Meteor React project. It currently uses react-komposer, but Ryan Glover (base author) also recently wrote a post about using reactContainer. I’m curious if there’s advantages to one or the other.