Creating a client only Cordova App, how can I remove network code?


I am creating an app to interface with a bluetooth hardware device and am using Meteor Cordova to build the app.

I am not using the server or storing any data in the database.

Just using all client files and the Session as in memory reactive datastore.

I am currently planning on using Meteor.disconnect() in the Meteor.startup function.

But my app is still shipping with network code. How can I remove this before submitting to the app store?

Thanks very much!


Hi, have you found a Solution?


Why would you use Meteor for this?


Why not? Meteor is a great framework with many benefits for frontend developing. And if I don’t need the server it would be great if I could disable the server connection.


Because Meteor is a complete stack while you only need a frontend library it feels it’s too much. Certainly if you start to need to disable parts of the system. What pieces would you keep? Blaze and some data storage?


Hey have someone come to solution on this issue? I need cordova client only for my next mobile app. Look like I don’t need server. Putting data into json file is enough

Yeah I know, the best architecture is [React, Webpack, Cordova] or React Native. But for now I’m not interested learning new thing.

Have someone come to solution on this issue?