Creating a Custom Production Docker Image for Meteor 1.3

I just wrote a new blog post about building your own custom Docker image for Meteor 1.3. Hope some of you can find it helpful!


How long does it take to rebuild your container after you’ve changed some of your app source code?

It takes under 5 minutes for the whole process to complete, from build to
Docker build complete.

I wonder if there is anyway to get that down; we are using a version of meteord that also caches downloading/installing Meteor so we have comparable build times, but compared to our other build times 5 minutes is quite long. For example, I bet if we could cache all of the package dependencies that would help significantly.

I don’t think 5 minutes is too bad. I was getting 12-15 minutes with meteord and meteor 1.2 – that was painful.

There may be a way to cache, but I’m not sure if it would affect the consistency of the build. Worried about artifacts that stem up from not working from clean build every time.

@veered fyi just timed it, took 3 minutes 20 seconds to build. my 5 minutes before included pushing upstream to registry.