Creating a route that redirects to first record from another page using FlowRouter - is there a better way?

The goal is to share the business logic from the component (i.e. the docs returned are sorted, etc.) and bring up the detail page of the first record returned. Here is my metacode that is currently working - it does ‘sit’ briefly before redirecting to the detail page. Is there a better approach to this?

FlowRouter.route('/feedback', { action: function (params, queryParams) { Meteor.subscribe("myCollection", { onReady: function () { var MyColl = ReactDOM.render(<SomeReactParent.SomeReactComponent />, document.head); var docs = MyColl.getDocs({ InitalLoadFlag: true, SortBy: "PERCENT", SortAsc: false, }); window.location='/DocsDetail/' + docs[0].DocumentID; } }); } });