Creating a Simple MUD/Telnet Client

Hello everyone,

I have been looking into meteor.js a lot recently and it really intrigues me. I want to build apps on iOS and Android, but I dread having to learn languages like Java or Objective C. Swift looks a bit better, but either way, I don’t want to tie myself down to one platform, ya know? Meteor offers a solution, and for this, I am forever thankful to its developers.

My project for learning Meteor.js starts here. I want to build a Telnet/MUD Client for the game I play (Avalon). It doesn’t need to have a lot of fancy things like scripts, triggers and aliases though I would at some point like to add those functionalities. The only thing I’d want to start with is a basic prompt window which asks for my username and password and logs me into the game.

They have a beta web mud client already on their website called Umbra. It’s pretty slick, and it has inspired me to try making something similar myself. I’m not sure where to get started, though. I’ve done a lot of research into building such an app, but there are few resources for me to actually build upon.

Would anyone here be interested in helping me get started with such a project? Any information you can give will help. I hope to learn Meteor.js and get to a stage where I’m comfortable building apps on my own so I can start giving back to the community!