Creating a widget for Android

Hi guys! The title says it all :slight_smile:
I’m trying to build a widget but I can’t find any doc on how to approach it.

Should be possible, right?

Hi @pasq I feel you are coming from something different than Node. What do you mean by widget for Android?

Thanks for the reply, @paulishca.
You know, I am referring to this: Visão geral dos widgets de apps  |  Desenvolvedores Android  |  Android Developers
Maybe they fall into a whole different realm of what can be built on Meteor. I haven’t dug on it yet. I just thought of asking here in case someone could help my way into it.

Ok, these widgets are Android code specific, they behave like Android and … they are Android.
I see two ways to integrate this with Meteor.

Create a Cordova plugin wrapped around this Android widget (which you will have to write in Kotlin).
Write your app in React Native and, as above, create this widget in Android and wrap it in a React Native component.

No easy way to do it otherwise … Unless there is already a Cordova plugin for widgets.

Example: How to Create an Android Application Widget using the Apache Cordova Plugin ACE - CodeProject

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Many thanks for your insight, @paulishca. I’ll explore the possibilities :eyes: :pray: