Creating an atmosphere package for meteor angular2


I am currently in the process of creating of making an atsmosphere package for meteor-angular2 users. However I lack a bit of experience with the whole package creation part of meteor and am a bit stuck on how to create a package that depends on angular2?

I have two questions really:

My current package.js looks has this in the onUse:

Package.onUse(function(api) {
  api.use(['angular2-compilers', 'barbatus:angular2-runtime'], ['client'], true);
  api.add_files("form-components/checkbox/checkbox.html", "client");

So my first question
If feels odd adding the angular2-compilers and barbatus:angular2-runtime to the api.use as it is expected of the user to already have this installed. Should I incorporate this and if not, how to go about it?

My second question
How do I go about the NPM dependencies that meteor angular2 has? Using Npm.depend would enforce certain version numbers and that just seems awful for anyone that would install my package.

Thanks for sparring about this with me :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

I notice this post is not receiving much attention on this forum, am I in the wrong place for such a topic or am I not being clear on what I am trying to achieve and wanting to discuss? :slight_smile: