Creating An Online Version of Fakin' It

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 contains a very fun game called “Fakin’ It” and the game itself strikes me as a great candidate for a mobile website based game. Similar to what’s been done with the Spyfall mobile app.

My goal here is to create a mobile version of this game and improve upon its overall concept (as the Jackbox version is flawed in several key ways). However, I have a very limited knowledge of coding and even less with coding mobile apps that share information across several devices that visit the site.

I would love any and all help from the Meteor community to create this awesome project! It shouldn’t involve that much work as the code for the game is rather simple: Users log in with a username, a game can be joined via a code, and one user is chosen as the spy. A question is given to all users except the spy, then a timer counts down as the players all vote on who they think the spy is. A more in depth version of what I describe here can be found in online play videos such as this:

Let me know if anyone is interested in helping - it should turn out to be a fun game!

Github for Spyfall Meteor project can be found here:

Here’s a quick tutorial video that covers the general rules of the game: