Creating an Open Source "Facebook"


The general idea of an open source Facebook


I’d love to here more about this!!


Hey guys, just super burnt out at the moment.

I was at an event with my Mother in Law. She took a photo of our group and said to come over and download it. I replied, just Facebook it. She had no idea how, and was scared of even trying.

And it’s this here that we all hate about facebook. It’s so stupid looking now.

Where is that nice, beautiful, accessible layout gone? (If it was ever there).

I’ll get a host running this week. Maybe even this weekend, actually. I’ll host SkyRooms re-branded and StarCommanderOnline.

My business is picking up hardcore, so I must then focus on paid projects – but the code I’ve written is really something nice, and I’m curious to see where it ends up.



Hey all, I just purchased the domains for the “main” version of this software. I just need to spin up a server and whatnot, and I’ll grant access to the codebase and stuff.

Very excited.

Really appreciative of this community :slight_smile:

Edit: It will be called WeSaga


Hey just got it running on Localhost again, found this gem…

Here’s some screenies while everyone waits for me to get in gear lol :S

I’m wondering if I should actually fork this over, or just leave these sort of ‘professional tools’ inside of this network. Things like Project Management for example.




Hello all, please see this post for the Open Source social network: