Creating an Open Source "Facebook"


Hi all, I would like to open source a social platform I had built.

Is there any interest for people to jump on board this with me? It’s a beautiful, clean, add free interface.

It has API to cloudinary for image hosting. A lot of the hard stuff is completed already.



Hello @SkyRooms, we are interested. We need to develop a similar project pro-bono for one of our partners. What is your stack?


Sounds interesting. Just follow the topic for now :slight_smile: .


Ahh very cool. “SkyRooms” was my social platform, it did resume building, virtual meetings, etc, etc.

But then Microsoft came out with Teams and stuff, and we bought that instead. It’s actually really good…

But now with Facebook and their crap… there HAS to be something better. And I’m a big PHP Moodle developer, and like their core values regarding open source and what the platform stands for.

I will open source my social platform this week

Stack? It’s on Meteor… It uses some plugins for this and that, but I honestly can’t remember. I just got it running on Localhost again, it’s been a while since I dev’d for it.


I’m not even on facebook, but I’d like to know what up with their ‘crap’? PM if you like :slight_smile:


Have you seen It uses the Socialize package set which has quite the lineup and full redis-oplog integration. I’ve also recently started work on React Native integration for the package set, so you’ll be able to create RN apps that use the same API.


Yeah I looked at that package a while ago, but it to me, as a simplistic approach developer, seemed over the top.

I’ve essentially written my own version of that, I would imagine.

Actually no, I haven’t seen this before, I’ll check it out.


You may have looked at the package set before as they have been around for quite some time now. I’m not sure what about the set wouldn’t be a simplistic approach though because they make these types of features dead simple. I’m really not sure how much more simplistic it can get from an integration perspective.

The demo is still very much a work in progress, but it currently demonstrates the use of the current packages all working together to form a functional product. I’ve got a few things left to finish on it, and then I will publish it to a server.

Also as far as opensourcing skyrooms, I’d love to see it as open source so we all can learn from the code.


Sounds interesting. Would like to learn more.


Working on it – the project IS set to be open sourced, but it’s got some bugs or something. I’ll fix them up next week an release :slight_smile:

I’m considering open sourcing the MMO engine as well. Because it’s awesome. But am conflicted…


I’ve also written a social network (one of the tutorials I used when starting to learn Rails development was a Twitter clone, I took it the extra mile). I started out with a relational MySQL database backing it, and I’ve been trying to think through how one would even being to model anything moderately complex in Mongo. Long story short, If you have modeled a social network in a Mongo JSON document store, I’d love to know how you did it, especially if it scales. I couldn’t solve this problem and I gave up.


I spent an insanely long time thinking about the database.

I asked a lot of questions that received no answers, because no one knew.

Essentially, I copied the mechanism behind Wordpresses database, that is, having two tables: wp_posts and wp_postmeta.

These become collections in Meteor.

Inside of wp_posts you define post_type, which can be anything, in this case, “friend”.

Then find all from jbedworth where post_type = “friend”.

In Meteor this is hard to do, but using this database schema allows for EASY data publications, as we are already subscribed to wp_posts, all we have to do is simply publish this stream, and the data is made available to the user.

By the way, long live Blaze UI. It’s beautiful and very simple.


I’m curious, mostly because I am creating a “Facebook” for anyone as a platform. I am sure what I’m creating is different in many ways but it’s interesting to have a look at :slight_smile: Do you have a site up that shows a current example?


Nothing is running. I was able to start up the GitHub code repo, there’s a few Javascript errors.

The nice thing about my code is that’s it’s VERY straight forward to follow.


Hey all, I’ve got a client who needs an offline mobile app that can connect to a server, I think the requirements for Meteor are there.

So I’ll spin it back up.

This also means I just won’t ever have the time to finish SCO, or SkyRooms, as they’re hobby projects.

I will be releasing them both as Open Source :slight_smile:

Sorry it isn’t released yet, I got 4 client signups out the blue. Which is nice… but I’m super busy with them!


I had been working on something similar in the earlier parts of the year before I got my project to a standard where I was happy with it. This conversation has recently caught my attention as my project: UpPost I believe is relevant. It is a chat app which I would love to further develop pending your input.

I don’t get much time to work on my projects as I would like as I develop alone and High School takes most of my priority. But I would like to add a feed or public community channels to further the usefulness of UpPost.

I would be happy to open source my project (Although it is nowhere near perfect). I would also love to work with others on any projects in the future, even possibly furthering developing UpPost.

If you want to add me into a chat on UpPost select the username Felix.



Hey, awesome to see that you are using several Socialize packages for UpPost! JSYK, all of the packages have been recently updated with lots of awesomess like proper Publications and redis-oplog support. There are also a few new packages with a bunch of others in the works.

At the moment it looks like your friends/requests is a custom implementation which could be swapped for socialize:friendships, and you could implement your feed that you want to add using socialize:feed. Also the new publications for all the packages would help you to properly publish the data and be able to remove the autopublish package.

If you have any questions about upgrading and integration of any of the packages just let me know.


Thanks for responding so quickly!
I’d really appreciate some help with setting everything up.


Hi. We are interested.


Are you interested specifically in UpPost or in the general idea of an open source Facebook?