Creating Android app with ReCaptcha (Enable Javascript in app)


I have spent all day working on how to setup my Meteor application as an Android app. Finally I succeeded and realized that I might be facing a big problem.

The things is, my app has a reCaptcha module on a form (to prevent users from using macros), but the captcha is not showing in the app (everything else is working perfectly).

I have done a lot of searching around and the only thing I could come across is the fact that the captcha requires javascript according to the answer here:

But how would I enable javascript for my Meteor app? Or am I on the wrong track here? Any help will be highly appreciated!

You’re on the wrong track. Meteor is by definition a JavaScript application.

If you see the form, you’ve got JS running on android in your app.

How are you adding the Recaptcha support? Which package?

Oh yes obviously but I was not sure if it was enabled for WebView as an Android application.

However, I looked at the file inside the Android project, and it does indeed seem like Javascript is enabled.

I am using the altapp:recaptcha package for showing the capthca:

It is working perfectly fine when running the app as a web app, both on my desktop browser and my phones browser, but the captcha does not appear when compiling the app for Android.

What does your inspector/debugger say?