Creating Meteor packages which are private


I have a personal front end framework for a project and have created it as a local meteor package but I want to distribute this with my team as a private package either private through atmosphere or outside of atmosphere as this does not seem like an option. How can I do this?


From I know:

  1. Host your package in a private repo, such as bitbuket, or private github, or own repo somewhere.
  2. Each dev pull down the latest package in a local folder outside of project, such as, ~/localFolder
  3. point the env of PACKAGE_DIRS to ~/localFolder
  4. meteor add the package
  5. meteor list to see a ‘+’ sign beside the package name, indicate local package.

Correct me if wrong.

#3 helps with that process.


@kenken this is not a good idea for an enterprise environment as it requires everybody to set this up manually and prone to errors if everyone handles the package environments locally.

@Sanjo this package is not very well documented and due to : requirement combined with pretty but unhelpful error logging is quite frustrating to use. check closed issue #5

I am forking mgp and will fix this issue


@kielan please link your fork i need some dig into it Thanks