Creating Pages and Display with Meteor

I’m using Meteor to create a social-media type website, where information is extracted from a textarea and is then displayed using a spacebar

e.g: {{>posts}}.
I know how to do this, but I want to be more specific, where this post draws from two textareas as:

  • One being the title and

  • Another one being the actual content, as well as it showing the Author’s name.

Again I know the run-down on that but it is more about the displaying, where on the main page I want the title, date and author in format and when you click on this spacebar:

e.g: {{>small}}
it opens as the content:

e.g: {{>big}}
but I’m not sure how I should achieve this linking between the two and then the display of the actual content not just the title.

Any help would be appreciated!


So you want like an accordion effect? Something along the lines of:

Wow, that looks great,
but how do I connect the two spacebars, if there can be multiple instances of posts?

I find your terminology confusing. I assume you mean {{>small}} and {{>big}} are ‘spacebars’?
I would refer to these as templates.

Personally, I would keep it in one template, and just use a {{#each in}} to build the accordion, like {{#each post in posts}} and let the accordion hide the content. If you think you’ll reuse the content of the accordion, perhaps consider a reusable component.