Creating the Simple Todos app with --react flag causes dependency errors when wrapping {{ > loginButtons }} template

I have been having some trouble wrapping the {{>loginButtons}} Template in a React component in an app of my own, so I decided to take a run through the Simple Todos tutorial app from Step 1 through to Step 8 (Adding User Accounts) to get an official look at how it’s done. I noticed two things - the first, if I create the app with no flag (ie - meteor create simple-todos) , I can refactor it to React without issue, and the accounts-ui and accounts-password install properly, get wrapped properly in the <AccountsUIWrapper /> component, and there is no console output.

Second, if I were to start building the Simple Todos app from scratch again, and this time create the app using
meteor create simple-todos --react, when I get to Step 8, I get a whole list of dependancy issues in the console:

I’ve installed jQuery, and I’ve even tried to cover all bases and copy the /.meteor/packages file from the Blaze-turned-React app to the app built with the React flag and it still produces the same errors. I wonder what artifacts are left behind in the Blaze-turned-React app - which, coincidentally, allow the accounts-ui and accounts-password packages to function - that are not included in the pure React app?