Creating Your Own oAuth?

I’m wondering how to go about creating your own oAuth?

Note packaging an existing oAuth for meteor, but creating one for my app…


“sign in with Google”
“sign in with Facebook”
“sign in with A.Com

Mainly, I’m looking for any good resources to learn more about this subject… or even just the terms I need to google with!


perefect. thanks so much

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Or did you mean an Oauth server?

In which case, NPM might be your best bet.

Or this:

I want to allow third-party apps to let their users sign in or sign up using the user’s credentials from my application’s

Then you are wanting to run an oauth server. However, you will also need to provide library functions to allow third party apps to use your service (or they won’t). So, basically you need both.

Oauth uses standard HTTP requests, so you don’t need to use Meteor to write an oauth server - there are a number of “other-language” options out there. If you’re going to roll your own (or fork an existing one) you’ll need to do your due diligence regarding security (authentication quality, vulnerabilities, etc).

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Thanks for your help. This gives me a good starting point to start researching.

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