CRM App Budget-ing

Hey guys,

I’m new to meteor and not sure how to calculate time & prices, therefore I would like to ask some experienced developers what you would estimate the ballpark cost of a CRM app with the following features:

  • Live Filtering
  • Detail View of customers
  • add customers to sub-lists
  • User accounts for admins & customers
  • Customers can sign-up and fill in forms
  • print / email of Customer Data
  • customers can upload pics
  • activity logs
  • access management
  • review of customers
  • sending out mass-messages via email
  • compile costumer data as .pdf & download function

depends where you get it done from.

Roughly 20-25k for a project like that.

150-300 hours depending on how polished it needs to be (MVP vs Enterprise)… it also depends how many sub-features each of those top level features have… each one of them can open a pandoras box of stuff… for instance having email notifications means you’ll need to have to setup an unsubscribe button or a email settings pannel for people to turn them off… stuff like that.