Cross container DDP connection on Galaxy server

Hello! I am working on a project based on meteor and hosted on Galaxy server, I’m using “rocketchat:streamer” a meteor package to establish communication b/w multiple devices. It works fine if the app is deployed on single container but if we scale the app horizontally (i.e increases the containers) it breaks the functionality, a device connected to one container can’t communicate with device connected to other container. Please suggest what can be possible solution.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Did you ever figure this out? I’m trying to figure out how to call DDP.connect to a specific Galaxy container of my app.

Is this even possible? I know Galaxy uses a url param or cookie to direct the traffic to a specific container, but I saw this working only from their dashboard. This param may change as you change containers, so you may have to fetch it from the dashboard and them send the connection with this id (?).

There is session stickiness, which I’m guessing Galaxy supports.

If your goal is to scale horizontally, and you don’t want clients connected to one server to see clients connected to the other server, you’ll need to author your own load balancer (in the metaphorical sense).