Crosswalk build faulty APK

Hello all,

I make this post is trying to find out if anybody have the same problem as mine and what is the solution to fix it.

So I just build mobile app as normal with --debug parameter.

meteor build --debug [output directory] --server

There are a few APKs generated. Some are larger in size which is Crosswalk build and some just few MB which is non-Crosswalk build.

I try install both with and without Crosswalk.

The one WITHOUT Crosswalk can connect to app server, user login and etc. No problem.

The one WITH Crosswalk, app launch as normal, but at Register and Login screen, either form filled and button pressed, the form greyed out, no respond, just like app freeze.

Anyone here experience the same before? Any tips on how to fix it?

Please advice, thank you.


To debug this, make sure your device is connected via USB, open Chrome browser on your desktop, go to chrome://inspect (make sure DiscoverUSB Devices is on) and look at the page of your app and read console errors. You can find more tips in the meteor guide / mobile

Thanks… Not sure why, it’s working again now.