Crosswalk, increased app size


I’ve developed an Meteor+Cordova application and it works perfectly, however when I added Crosswalk-package, the app size increased drastically.

Is there any way of limiting the use of Crosswalk since I don’t need all of the APIs available.


Because the Crosswalk plugin adds the Chromium runtime to your app, this indeed increases the app size (about 20MB increased APK size, 50MB on disk). I know the Crosswalk team has experimented with a more minimal runtime, but I don’t think that is something they recommend using at this time.

Another option is to use shared mode, where the Crosswalk runtime is distributed separately. That makes the installation experience less convenient for users however, because most of them will not have the runtime yet and so they will be prompted to install it. And it will only actually save size if multiple installed apps use the runtime.

You’ll have to decide for yourself whether the added performance and compatibility is worth the increased size for your app and target audience, but in most cases I suspect it does.


You can have different apks, everything below 5.0 uses crosswalk, everything 5.0+ doesn’t need crosswalk. Don’t ask me how to do it, but it’s possible. Should be somewhere in the docs.