CSS compiling to one file


Can somebody help.
Meteor compile all css to one file. This mean that if I have different front and admin styles, for example i can use vendor foundation for admin and want to rewrite some base styles (h1, a and so on) i can’t do it because it’s destroy my admin styles, because it will be work global.

Its possible to add class to body or html tags but its too bad…

it will be look in css as, for example:
.front h1
.front a

And its make our code very bad.

Im found this one https://github.com/numtel/meteor-lazy-bundles,
but anyway may be you have some other ways to resolve this problem???


we migrated our “theme” to package architecture similar as https://github.com/TelescopeJS/Telescope/tree/master/packages/telescope-theme-base

And all my html templates have main div with class name related to template name.
So there is no problem to scope on template level basis.
That means that when I use “adminLayout” template, all will be in .admin-template, so no problem to change CSS specifically for all inside that by simple scoping.