CSS files not bundled in production app

The css files I have in my project (located in /client/Theme/main.scss) are not bundled to my production app. It works on my local device and even with the --production tag, but not when deploying to a droplet with Meteor up.

I find this very strange, and I have no indication of why the scss/css files are not working.

Relevant Meteor packages used:

  • fourseven:scss
  • standard-minifier-css@1.4.1

Meteor Release: METEOR@


  • Also CSS files do not work
  • Putting the CSS files in /client/… does not work either. It works however to set the files in /public and then to refer to it, but this is an unjust workaround, since it does not work for packages that I installed (Toastr chrismbeckett:toastr)