CSS works differently on meteor?

I’ve been having trouble using meteor when creating a simple site. Many things that worked on my previous website stopped working when I copied it over to meteor.

CSS works exactly the same with Meteor as outside of Meteor. The only difference is the order in which the .css files are loaded, which can cause issues.
One way to solve that is to put CSS files in the public/ folder and manually including them in the right order from a <head> tag as you would in a non-Meteor site.

If that helps, great. If not, maybe you would like to specify more concretely what you’re trying to do and what it is you’re seeing that you’d like to be different.

I have 1 css file and 1 html file currently. an example of what is happening, If i have a div inside a div and I give the inner box: margin-top: -10px; it moves the outer box as well.

Please post the complete code then.