Cult-of-coders / grapher - Call to action

Hi @diaconutheodor, are you going to accept that pull request for Meteor 2.3 any time soon?


It’s never as easy as it seems with meteor publishing.

=> Errors while initializing project:         
While selecting package versions:
error: Conflict: Constraint matb33:collection-hooks@0.8.4 is not satisfied by matb33:collection-hooks 1.1.0.
Constraints on package "matb33:collection-hooks":
* matb33:collection-hooks@1.1.0 <- cultofcoders:grapher 1.3.20
* matb33:collection-hooks@0.8.4 <- herteby:denormalize 0.6.5 <- cultofcoders:grapher 1.3.20
* matb33:collection-hooks@1.1.0 <- local-test:cultofcoders:grapher 1.3.20```

We might need to take over herteby:denormalize for this to work.

herteby:denormalize needs to be updated to use the latest matb33:collection-hooks

Give the discussion on MCP I think we will have to fork the package to get it back to working order.

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