Current State of Mobile Development in MeteorJS

So I would very much like to use MeteorJS to build Cordova applications, I have built a small proof of concept that I am happy with :slight_smile:. It’s my first mobile application and it came out nicely in just 4 days of development time. I just have a few questions about the best supported options I have available to me as of September 2019.

Is Onsen UI available to me if I use React to build my front end? or do people have an alternative that I might like using instead?

Is the raix:push package functional? what version’s of Cordova plugins should I use with this package? what versions of Android can I use this package with? I read their documentation but I was unable to get it working. I will keep trying and make available any info i find out if i can get it working.

If the raix:push package is in need of new maintainers i would be happy to help out. i know raix asked about 6 months ago for some help and i think i saw 3 people stepped up and then i saw them as contributors in the commit history of the repo. But I am willing to as well and will let raix know on Github as well. I think having a relatively painless experience setting up push notifications will make MeteorJS an attractive mobile development platform

I would also to ask if there are any forum members that could point me to where i could find the most up to date MeteorJS mobile development information. Is this forum the place people come to to find information and ask questions? if so I will make an effort to spend a little time here each day with a focus on mobile topics and try to help out as much as i can and ask questions when i have them.


We have built multiple mobile apps with Onsen UI + React + Meteor.

I have not used raix:push because we are using OneSignal and currently using their plugins for all push notifications

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thanks for the info, ill look into OneSignal for my app and see how it goes

Hi there,

just keep in mind that OneSignal is “looking” into the notifications. I tried to use it in the past and they could not ensure confidentiality/privacy.
The most up to dat Push package for Meteor is probably this one: I maintain it and it has some present limitations: no data object notifications and no desktop notifications. If you are interested for Cordova, chances are that you will not use those features. I have a plan to get those things up to speed as well.

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ok cool. thank you. I will try the package you mentioned and let you know if I have success.

Sorry for the length of this one, this is their GDPR communicate. I tried to use them before this and was told that they need my data :)))

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Dear OneSignal Client,

OneSignal is committed to helping our clients be GDPR compliant when using our Web Push, Mobile Push, and E-mail products. Our business and legal team are working hand-in-hand with many of our existing clients to ensure compliance with EU law. Whether you are in the EU or not, we’d like to help make it easier for all of our partners to comply with GDPR.

While these specific suggestions and changes we’re making will help you comply with GDPR, we also recommend that your consult with your legal counsel for compliance recommendations specific to your company.

Some of the major changes we’re making include updating our legal terms and our push and email products to limit our access to and what data is stored from EU users. We’ve been working closely with our legal team to update our EULA and make these product updates before the May 25th deadline.

These product changes include:

  1. Providing the option to not store end-user IP addresses, and by default, not storing the IP addresses of end-users from countries within the EU.

  2. For all clients, beginning on May 21st, 2018, we will discontinue building data models with data nor will we monetize any EU user data with our business and analytics partners. For our Enterprise clients, we have introduced a Data Processor Agreement (DPA) which formally designates us as a Processor for all data.

  3. Releasing updated versions of our SDKs to make it easier for our clients to prevent user data from being sent to OneSignal until a user explicitly consents.

  4. Adding support to our API for the deletion of user data. Additionally, we are reducing our data retention period of deleted data to 72 hours.

  5. Updating our user data exporting capabilities to make it easier to search for and export user data from OneSignal. This will help our clients meet individual user requests for restriction, erasure, and data portability.

  6. Preparing a guide on how to use OneSignal for push notifications without sending us personal user data.

In addition to the product changes, we’ve taken steps internally to ensure that all data sent to OneSignal is stored securely. These steps include auditing the software we use for security vulnerabilities, ensuring we’re using up-to-date versions, improving network security in out datacenter, and ensuring we maintain and follow security best practices internally to ensure that we prevent unauthorized access to our servers.

For clients who use OneSignal in their apps or websites and who have EU users or are based in the EU, you are responsible for ensuring that you have a valid legal basis (e.g., consent, legitimate interest) for the personal data that is being sent to OneSignal. We recommend working with your legal counsel for guidance on your specific responsibilities. We are happy to work alongside you and your legal team to ensure compliance while using our services.

If you have any questions or concerns about this topic, our team is happy to answer any questions you have. Please send your inquiries to

I didn’t use OneSignal for the same reason. I ended up implementing desktop push notifications on my own. It’s relatively straightforward if you don’t need to support Safari. I would have preferred to use a package though. Will take a look at yours for Cordova. Thanks!

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The desktop part on the package I maintain is just a matter of reimplementing RAIX:Push and … like most of us … I need some time away from wife, cat, parrot, politics etc :slight_smile: to have this done