Current user publication problem

Hi gyus,

During writing our app, we encountered weird problem. We have to not publish all current (means logged in) user profile fields to client. We want to publish only certain fields, like below:

return Meteor.users.find({ _id: this.userId }, { fields: { "profile.billingName": 1, "profile.billingAddress": 1, "profile.billingAddress2": 1, "profile.billigCity": 1, "profile.billigCountry": 1, "profile.billigNip": 1, "profile.billigZip": 1, "profile.billigState": 1, } }); });:

Can you tell me, why every field of current user account is being published? For other users, publication is working great, but for logged in user - it doesn’t work.

How to specify publication for logged in users?

user.profile should generally not be used, since it us automatically published in it’s entirety and writable from the client.