Currently Which is the best tool to manage routing for both Blaze and React

Hi, we have a legacy meteor application that uses a lot of Blaze, but for now that code will not be migrated to React. Nowadays we are using React for the new “views” instead of Blaze.

So we have to support both Blaze and React and of course just an unique way/tool for routing manage. We know that just a few months ago the recommended tool for this scenario was FlowRouter but that has been abandoned we don’t know what to do.

May some one give us an advice about the strategy to tackle here?

Routing isn’t really a complex problem - I don’t think using flow router is a big issue since it’s not really hard to replace if you need to do that


I disagree with this statement. We said the same thing about Iron Router but it has lead to the biggest technical debt we have on the front end.

flow Router is your best bet, but will be another shot in the foot down the road.

My suggestion if you have the time is to render Blaze templates in React and use React Router

The problem with Iron Router was that it tried to do more than routing, including data fetching and more. If you limit the surface area of your app touched by routing it should be possible to switch.



Go with react-router and use gadicc/blaze-react-component to render Blaze templates as React components.

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