Custom Docker setup for Meteor 1.3

I was really frustrated with long build times using meteord, and needed Meteor 1.3 support a few months back. Also needing to run on Kubernetes, I needed a custom solution.

I put together a simple Dockerfile that implements the new NPM integration, and also wrote a script to automatically build/push/deploy this to Google Container Registry & Kubernetes with a rolling update for zero downtime deployments. I’ve been using these scripts for about 2 months now in production, and they are super solid. Once implemented, I find this a lot simpler to understand what is going on with the Docker build process and can customize these 100% to my needs.

Hope this helps a lot out there. Feel free to ask me anything.



Thanks for the hard work @markoshust. Will be checking this out today and post any questions!

Hi Mark,

I’m using Dokku and meteord stopped working for me some time weeks ago, not sure if it works with 1.3 now. The long build times were really annoying anyway, so I’m still looking for an alternative.

With Dokku, I have to push my whole repo, including a Dockerfile to the server, Dokku will then build it an run the image. It looks like I have to build the app separately using your Dockerfile, do you think there’s a way I can use it?


meteord also stopped working for me some time ago with 1.3, which is what lead me to create this Dockerfile. There seems to be enough interest, so I’ll try to create something on Dockerhub & Github to execute an automated build process for this.

I’m not familiar with Dokku, but if it takes in a Dockerfile, I see no reason to just use this Dockerfile there to kick off the process. Why would you need to build the app separately?