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I am using Meteor 1.3 with React and react-router so I have a customized Accounts package. I am trying to confirm a user’s registration through an admin, and have the admin send the user an email with a link to set the user’s password. I take it I need to render the enrollAccount template but I’m not sure what data it needs (params, etc.). I am currently rendering the at_form template through React by called AccountsTemplates.setState(‘enrollAccount’), etc. What params would I need for this to work properly? I am creating the user server-side with Meteor.createUser, without a password, so I have the user’s userId

Basically, Accounts.sendEnrollmentEmail will set a Random.secret() within the user’s 'services.password.reset.token' field. You search for a user with a specified token to get the person who is supposed to be registered.

The route will probably look like /enroll-account/:token, where token is this secret that was set on the user. You can subscribe with this parameter

  'services.password.reset.token': params.token

So what I ended up doing is this:

  1. on the server, after the user is created, call Accounts.sendEnrollmentEmail(userId)
  2. configure mail settings to give the correct URL - this is because the default URL doesn’t look nice in react-router -
Accounts.emailTemplates.enrollAccount.text = function(user, url) {
    var id = url.substring(url.lastIndexOf('/') + 1)
    return `Click this link to set your password and 
    start using the service: ${process.env.BASE_URL}/enroll-account/${id}`
  • Then create a component EnrollAccount and link to it through react-router -
import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import {browserHistory, Link,} from 'react-router';
import AccountsWrapper from './accounts_wrapper.jsx';

class EnrollAccount extends React.Component{
    let {nextPath, location,} = this.props;
    let nextPathProps = location.state ? location.state.nextPath : nextPath;
    Accounts._resetPasswordToken = this.props.params.token;
    let {nextPath, location,} = this.props;
    let nextPathProps = location.state ? location.state.nextPath : nextPath;
    if (this.state.loggedIn == true || this.props.loggingIn || !!this.props.currentUser || !! Meteor.userId()) {
    return (
) } } module.exports = EnrollAccount;
  • Finally, wrap the AccountsTemplates
import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import ReactMixin from 'react-mixin';
import {Navigation,} from 'react-router';

class AccountsWrapper extends React.Component{
    this.view = Blaze.renderWithData(Template.atForm, {token: this.props.token ? this.props.token : ''}, ReactDOM.findDOMNode(this.refs.container))
; } } let styles = { formContainer: { backgroundColor: 'white', width: 'inherit', maxWidth: '30rem', paddingLeft: 20, paddingRight: 20, marginTop: 20, marginLeft: 'auto', marginRight: 'auto', paddingTop: '1rem', paddingBottom: '1rem', borderRadius: 4, } } module.exports = AccountsWrapper;
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