Custom fonts in Meteor Cordova (ios/android)


Currently I’m creating a mobile app with Meteor but I can’t seem to use custom google fonts with it.

I’ve tried using @import statements and <head> statements, as well as white-listing google websites with Cordova:


Does anyone know how to add custom fonts to a Meteor Cordova project?

Android: Custom fonts not showing up

Have you tried putting the @import lines into your .css file for your project? I just responded to this post with the same answer.


Yup! Here’s my import code:

/* CSS declarations go here */
@import url(,300,700);
@import '.meteor/local/build/programs/server/assets/packages/meteoric_ionic-sass/ionic';
@import '.meteor/local/build/programs/server/assets/packages/meteoric_ionicons-sass/ionicons';

I don’t seem to be getting any ‘whitelist rejection’ messages in my XCode logs either

Still digging


I thought package based assets are supposed to be loaded via absolute URLs to /packages/

/packages/<package name>/<asset url>

and make sure to replace the : in the package name to _

here is a stack overflow answer


I’ve just tried running my app in the simulator and I also can’t get the custom google fonts working… did you get this fixed/


I worked out my issue, I wasn’t whitelisting: