Custom JS Console

Hi, maybe it’s a bit of an offtopic, but couldn’t find proper category for non-meteor but still JS projects.

Here’s a little experimental tool: a javascript console in movable frame, could be useful when you need some basic interactions with browser, without opening debugging tools or when you need a console on mobile devices as well.

Ps. if meteor forum is not a proper place for this topic, maybe you could recommend another place where i could run my devlog, although I find meteor community easy going in conversations, which is a big plus.

Usually I’ve seen posts like this for something like Phoenix or Ember placed in the Planet Earth category. But perhaps we do need a non-Meteor general JS topic or useful tools.

Also, that would definitely be super useful. I hate always having to open the console. A similar project is Meteor Toys that has some useful debugging tools, but this would be great for those times I just need the console.

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