Custom local package strategy

Hi! Can anyone put some thoughts on organising your project in the modular structure? I mean to create custom local packages for your app, importing components in every file is doesn’t seem to be good me.
So can anyone help me building and organising your app with local modules, or how can I start with custom package system?
Any link that helps in creating local modules / packages will be more helpful.

Thank you

If you search this forum for “packages for everything”, you should find quite a few references that will help. The Building Large Apps: Tips Hackpad should help as well. If you want to take a look at a fairly large application that follows this approach, take a look at Telescope.

The above being said, since the release of Meteor 1.3 and ES2015 module support, a lot of Meteor devs have started to move away from the “packages for everything” approach. A lot of the same benefits can now be achieved with modules (like controlling load order), and the maintenance overhead with modules is usually less as well.


Thank you @hwillson for the valuable information, I tried searching for creating packages, I’m in my early days of Meteor (1.4) and I’m really liking it. So I’m trying to build with some good practices along with modern approaches like ES6.
I’ll be really thankful to you if you explain the modular way of demostrate something with this approch, which can be applied to larger apps. where I can start building small modules of diffrent component in my new app.