Custom login handler


I have a problem with meteor and the authentication part indeed I do not want to use the meteor account package because it does not match my needs. I want to create the authentication part myself or at least not go through an account because I do not want the user to authenticate via password / username, I want him to give me a token that will have been given to him before, by another of my web sites. And me on the server side of my meteor website, I authenticate this token and I log him to meteor if the token is good and as long as it does not leave the page. I tried with this.setUserId() but I can’t see how it could have worked.

Thanks for your help.

No one has a solution ? I tried with this.setUserid(“Myid”), it work or it seems to work, but how can this work ? It’s too easy to not be suspicious, I do not understand the substructure of meteor, how the connection between the server and the client could work like just that, is it safe ? How can this be this, this easy and secure ? Where is the authentication token between client and server ?

Please check this from the documentation