Custom login implementation issues

Hello everybody…im in the middle of writing a big app for a client of mine in which the users will have to sign in using their id only(attributed by the client).The form must have only one field in such a way that the Id input will be of type password.Once written and submitted the app must connect to a mssql server to check if existing in the client database.If the user doesnt remember his id, he can use a second method of signing in where he will have to enter his name,his telephone no,and his birthday.I plan to use TEDIOUS to query the specific fields and if it is found in the mssql database,copy the row inside a mongodb collection for further use so that each time this user will come and login the app will only check for diffs between the two databases and update accordingly.I dont know if i can pull this off using meteor’s accounts-password,base and im kinda hesitant writing this.I am using react/redux redux-form for the client and i want to use a redux pattern for the server also.If i do write this ill have to use session variables(as it is the way i remember doing as an old php user)…Can you guys please advise?

What I did in a similar case was

  • write my own login page
  • query the SQL user database with a method and return the password
  • then log with Accounts.loginWithPassword (user, password).

I have the impression your case is simpler and you only need to use the same login and password in Meteor

  • user that knows his login => Accounts.loginWithPassword (login, login)
  • user that forgot => you can either send back the login via the network (unsafe) or have an email with a link

In your case you will need to install a mssql driver via npm (I was using mysql) and query it either with a method called from the client (if you choose to send back the login via the network) or in the method that sends the email.

ill try that.But to clarify some things in case the user forgot i dont send him a link back or an email i just tell him to go to talk to an officer…why is that because it is a kiosk app.the user either will login using his ID (as password) without a name or email first if the id is found i log him in.If not then he can try login using his fullname ,telephone and birthday for a deep search.If it is found i log him in…So from what you told me earlier mine is a simpler case ill look into writing custom login with meteor thank you following your steps.