Custom login with apollo SQL(SQLITE or MSSQL)


Hi everybody, im in the process of writing a React Native android app and so far i was able to successfully set up apollo-client and apollo-server and feed the database(SQLITE) with data.Now i wish to create a custom login logic.

I used bcrypt in the server app to modify the password data before doing the insertions(from a csv file).Do you have some ideas about how i can achieve this a little bit like the meteor account system?Can you redirect me to already existing packages or examples?

Thank you.


You could use something like this:

In our example app we use passport with GitHub login:


Thanks ill look into those.


@sashko finally i decided to use meteor with apollo server integration as my backend.It will remove the hassle of learning passport up and ill be able to use Accounts for the login while having still the possibility to fetch data from SQL SERVER or SQLiTE.

Another question please…When using MUP for deploying meteor on the server(our own servers) it also installs a mongodb database right? So Ill use mongo for User accounts and relatively fast low in size data and keep the big chuncks in a SQL server database.