Custom reset password not working on firefox. Accounts._resetPasswordToken is undefined


Hi there,

I am trying to implement my own reset password page. For info, my on my forgotPassword page I am able to send throuth the reset password email

The issue is on the reset password leg of the process.
The issue I am having is Accounts._resetPasswordToken is null or undefined on firefox. The code that detects Accounts._resetPasswordToken and renders my resetPassword page is as follows:

if (Meteor.isClient) {
		/*var next = Iron.Location.get().path
		if (next == '/privacyPolicy')
		var user;
		var nextPage;


			console.log("Accounts._resetPasswordToken: " +  Accounts._resetPasswordToken)
			if (typeof(Accounts._resetPasswordToken) != 'undefined' && Accounts._resetPasswordToken != "")
				console.log("Routing to resetPassword");
				Router.go("resetPassword",{token: Accounts._resetPasswordToken});
				Accounts._resetPasswordToken = "";

Router.go(“home”); is executed on firefox. On chrome the resetPassword Page is displayed as expected.
What should I change to make this code work on firefox? Is there maybe a custom implementation of reset password that you know works on firefox as well that you can point me to? Thanks in advance.


On firefox Tracker.autorun(function(){ is executed and then Router.route(’/’, { is executed last

So to solve the issue I did the routing to resetPassword in Router.route(’/’,

Hope it helps someone out there.