Customising Packages or tweaking non supported packages

Probably a simple question.

For some of the packages that we are using in our app and are no longer supported, but require tweaking to work with latest meteor or customising - we download the packages to the package folder within the app and tweak it for our needs. But we have struggled with some packages where a link (github) is not present or link is redirected to a different repositories.

Take for example

  • summernote:summernote
  • summernote:standalone
  • easylogic:summernote-*

All of them point to summernote github repository and installs summernote 0.8.8 when included with meteor but site clearly says it is at 0.8.18.

In summary can somebody please help in explaining:-

  • why the summernote packages in atmosphere installs 0.8.8 version of summernote and not the latest one though they seem to be pointing to summernote repo
  • how to work or download an atmosphere package where there is no link on atmosphere.


Check .meteor/packages and see if a version is fixed through that file for the package

That does not seem to work not able to force the package version. On atmosphere the latest package version is mentioned as 0.8.8 for easylogic:summernote-bs4 and that is the version of summernote it is installing.

It’s going to be kind of hard to modify a package that you don’t have access to the source code. Unfortunately, the Summernote authors have linked the git URL to their main repository rather than the one which contains the source for the meteor package which is located here. That being said I believe, this package has not been updated in over 3 years. This is most likely because Meteor now has first-class support for NPM modules and you would be better served by installing the NPM version and using that instead.

Thanks @copleykj that explains what is happening.

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You’re very welcome.