Customizing accounts-ui-unstyled template


I am new to meteor and building a login registration system using the accounts-ui-unstyled package. I would like to expand on the current Templates by adding my own. For example adding a confirm password input field in a registration context.

I believed that if I place templates in a client folder they take precedence and override any core templates. However when I add custom templates using accounts-ui-unstyled namespaces there is a conflict.

(I tried to upload an image to show the conflict in the chrome developer inspector but am unable to as a new user.)

I am further confused, in meteor’s github project packages folder accounts-ui-unstyled has templates written in dynamic html which I do not see anywhere in my local project.

In my .meteor/loca/build/programs/web.browser/packages/accounts-ui-unstyled.js it seems that the templates have been digested into Jaavascript with Blaze (Is this correct?)

What is the best practice to configure and personalize Meteor’s accounts to fit my needs?

Thanks for the help


As the author of useraccounts packages, I strongly suggest to use them :wink:


useraccounts:flow-routing relies on react-layout, which is not compatible with Meteor 1.3+, this is a serious issue to me