Cypress testing issue

Hi all,

Im currently trying to learn Cypress and I have run into an issue that I have not been able to solve, for context I have a simple React app with a courses section on it, I can create courses and access them, I have a simple course view page that displays the information and let admins get access to an edit button that opens a react-modal modal to edit.

Currently I’m trying to test that I can create a course, access it and edit it a field, the first two tests were simple enough, however when I try to test the third test, the edit a field test, I get an error and that error says that it is not a issue with Cypress but with the application, so I checked and the courses variable that is used to populate the course view gets undefined after I do the cy.get(‘form’).submit() command in the modal that edits the information (below is the useTracker code I use to get the course info), this submit basically calls a simple meteor method to do this, nothing really out of the ordinary.

	const { dataLoading, course } = useTracker(() => {
		const subs = Meteor.subscribe('course_info', permalink);

		return {
			dataLoading: !subs.ready(),
			course: Courses.findOne({permalink})
	}, [permalink]);

So basically after the submit command this happens:

I’m not stubbing any info, I have a special test user with the rights to test logged in functionalities, so to do this I have to first log in with a cypress.command and then access the course view route, open the edit modal, change the input and then submit the form, it should be simple, unfortunately I don’t know what I might be doing wrong.

Here is the test code I’m using:

		cy.CreateItem('course.upsert',undefined, {
			modules: []
		cy.url().should('eq', `${Cypress.config().baseUrl}courses/${}`)
		cy.contains('Edit Course').click()

Any ideas?