Cypruss meetup 2024

So I’m going to Cypruss next week for a conference, but I will stay for a bit longer to recover from Whooping cough. As such there is an option to have a Meteor meetup on Monday 3.6. (or over the weekend 1.6. and 2.6.).

Anyone interested? Can we put something together?


Who else is in Cyprus?

I hope you meant while it was surging from where you are from, or else that will be an interesting face-to-face meetup :smiley:

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I no longer have Whooping cough, but the damage it caused can have me coughing for up to 3 months, so I’m staying a bit longer on Cyprus to speed up my recovery.


Hoping for your fast recovery. Vaccination is being accelerated in our country as deaths increased by 50x this year

Hi, I sent you my schedule already via email - I had quite an exciting week and it’ll stay exciting until probably about next Sunday… so I can’t organize anything special for interested 3rd parties on the Weekend. I’ll be happy if I survive until then :smiley:

I’d be happy to meet up & hang out of course!

We’ll be in touch, welcome to Cyprus!


I’m happy to help you share the meetup and organize something. Maybe we could work together to make an official announcement, which might bring more people to participate.

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Hello @storyteller
Will be happy to see you tonight on opening ceremony. DM me for Telegram or phone number

@acamikuro that would be great. Common activities in Cyprus is to go hiking or chill next to the beach. I like in mountainous area and can give good advise on “easy to walk and chat” trails far above summer heat

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@acamikuro we can try to make it official “side event” of Reflect fest. Let me know what’s needed to make it happen


Okay, I’ll need some information:
what is the purpose of this meetup, topics that might interest everyone (Meteor updates? open source in general? networking?), a time and place to meet (a park? a restaurant? a coffee shop?), what you’ll be doing during the meetup (talks? presentations? just chatting?), afterward this content will be available somewhere… so I can write something informative.

it would be interesting to have photos of the meetup participants to share later on Meteor Socials!

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Was awesome meeting with @dr.dimitru today!

The meetup purpose is to bring together Cyprus Meteor developers for a meet and greet with updates on Meteor.js and the community. I volunteer myself for AMA session. Sadly since I’m still recovering I would prefer to meet at some establishment.
Will meet with @dr.dimitru again tomorrow and decide on the time and place (suggestions are welcome).


aaawn that is such awesome!! :star_struck: :rocket:
Can I use this photo on the Slack community to share this information?


Go ahead! We should have more info hopefully soon!

Hello everyone, the meetup will take palce on Monday 6/3 at 15:00 at Yellow Cafe on the Limassol promenade.

@acamikuro would it be possible to create an event on Facebook to advertise it to more people. Thank you!


As for myself I will quickly talk about Meteor 3 news, Meteor Community Packages news and related topics like looking into the future.

Just a reminder that the meetup is tomorrow!

Looking forward to see people today!

Hi @storyteller ! Would that be 3pm Cyprus time then, is that correct? Looking forward to come over!

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